Gig Review: The Diviners


The Diviners take post-Roots oriented songs and update the genre with melodic pop vocal harmonies and deeper rhythms.

At the recent 2016 IPO Festival in Vancouver, Donald Delano and Janis McKenzie brought the full band along and delivered one of those clear, crisp sets of songs that sets the evening right and has audiences smiling and singing along by the 2nd chorus.

It’s the blend of their voices that sets The Diviners apart. Donald and Janis sing together as one, and very well. The band backs this beautifully, starting with bassist and music promoter Gord Badanic. Gord lays down very fine bass that leverages vocal harmonies into melodic bass runs. He doesn’t just support the guitar riffs, he helps propel them.

Drums then need dynamically augment, which is something veteran stick handler Tony Lee does comfortably, barely breaking a sweat while adding energy on stage to keep the show moving along.

Blending three guitars in a live setting takes a careful ear and deft tonal control, which is precisely what Gary Economy excels at. Where Donald strums on acoustic and Janis supports with her electric Gibson, Gary instead chooses to add textural colors with his Gretsch and amps he custom builds.

Together, The Diviners produce a fine and glorious sound in support of uplifting melodies singing bittersweet lyrics.

Just the kind of music needed as summer transitions to fall.