Gig Review: Elle-Ectric at IPO


Elle-Ectric energized the IPO Vancouver audience at The Fairview Pub, with their wonderfully woven vocals over evocative, churning soundscapes that called to mind No Doubt and Kate Bush occasionally – but the band definitely forge their own blossoming, modern, driving sound.

The quintet brings a distinctive take to a diverse array of songs that conjures up magical atmosphere, groove and dynamics. With touches of cinematic storytelling along the way.

Vocals is where this band shines and both Stephanie Walker and Robin Wilson blend so well live that they sound like one singer. Lyrics are of a darker tone overall, which works well over the more pop-sounding major-key songs.

Bobby Graham, Clayton Giles and drummer Ben Hemera shine as a tight-knit band grooving solidly under twin angelic voices – their music sparkling like glowing dragonflies in the night. Audience legs move to the dance floor and the night brightens.

Their albums only tell half the story as this is a band best experienced live – where their collective, contagious energy bursts off the stage in radiant waves. They are an engaging band with a variety of grooves to their tunes.

Follow them on social media and make a pilgrimage to  one of their shows.