2016 killed the 20th Century once and for all

2016Centuries fade into the past and 2016 went about underlining this with every passing month, week, day.

There is no question a pall of resigned doom and mourning descended on December, 2016 like a chilling winter fog.

So many public figures dying before their time, and possibly too democracy dying ~ or at least the celebrated, ideal version of democracy that lifts everyone up.

There is this feeling that something larger has been lost.

Lost now is the 20th Century.

Consider that era fully and completely done. Dead. Ceased to be.

From a cultural perspective, iconic musicians of the late 20th Century died off in droves: Bowie, Cohen, Frey, George Martin.

Artists that majorly shaped the sound of the late 20th Century.

From a political perspective we are now 100 years out from things like Communism, World War I and the invention of life-changing devices. Airplanes, Radios, Televisions, Computers, Movies …

Those social lessons seem somehow lost and forgotten or belittled and dismissed.

It is a simple occurrence like Apple dropping the normal headphone jack that drives home “we have left the last century behind.”

So now something that was part of our lives is gone. Something as old as some of us.

Time marches on. At a certain point everything before feels redundant.

At a certain point everything before fades.

Goodbye 2016.

Goodbye 20th Century.



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