Gig Review: Carton Lizard (solo) at IPO 2016


Cartoon Lizard generate pop music instantly connecting fun with audiences by way of disarming summer-bright melodies and autumn-colored lyrics over strong, compelling rhythms.

Astute musicologists might hear for example, blissful traces of Jellyfish and Big Star  (among countless other past and modern influences) that this band fuses seamlessly into diamond-brilliant, fresh and fun songs.

They indeed cite their work as “Music for the pop archaeologist” on their facebook page , but there is much more going on than mere homage. There is a reinvention going on, of pop arrangements owing more to rap production than traditional pop/rock recording techniques.

Playing live at the recent 2016 IPO, Trevor Lang performed solo and with backing tracks on a few songs. The song power was still there in stripped down form, but hearing the entire band would be something magical.

Trevor in solo form has a natural stage presence and song delivery that comes from a different angle than merely standing and singing. Surrounding himself with similarly talented musicians will make for a powerful live entity.

A tour is in the works for later this year and this is a band to watch.

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