Gig Review: 2 Days & Counting at IPO 2016


New Westminster has been compared to ‘the Brooklyn of Vancouver.’ Something in the air of places like Brooklyn and New West produces evocative music coming from a different, but inviting perspective.

Among the suburban Bohemia of such New West artists, actors, musicians and bands are 2 Days & Counting.

Drummer Don Smith is someone you know, someone that shares a beer with you before walking on stage to play drums, loudly. He makes it look easy and keeps that smile on his face while drumming up a storm to widen the song narrative. His keen sense of dynamics ensures the band remains driven to the very last note.

Justin Lewis takes a more studious, intense approach while attacking songs from the bass. There is still a smile there, but it’s much more about hitting the notes in a way echoing what’s happening in the vocal – underlining lyrical cadence of words and story as they are sung.

Over the thundering bass and drums, David Charan unleashes ferocious guitar work to fill in the corners of the room with magic just shy of mayhem. Rock’n’Roll is like that, unflinching and uncompromising. Taking it down to almost nothing helps to frame the rocking riffs and full-on power chords.

All that thunder & lighting can leave a singer little in the way of space or sonic territory. Fortunately, George Montebruno holds more than his own and shines above the riffs with his strong tenor voice and heartfelt lyrics. There are stories to be told and George tells them in a way the audience gets right away.

Together, the band casts a pretty wide net over pop and hard rock. The result is always melodic and pursues recurring quiet passages to frame the louder rock-outs.

Each member sings, and they sing very well together.

Audiences respond to this tight and powerful live band from New West. Go check them out at gigs around Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.


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