Storm or tranquil mermaids? Kyna Leski supports Storms of Creativity. I support mermaids.

How is the creative process like a storm? Both begin from what appears to be nothing. Both arise out of a disturbance and act to displace and destabilize. Both gather energy, material, force and direction from its particular situation.

via Kyna Leski on the Storm of Creativity — Discover


Interesting premise and theory and partially true in some instances for some creative artists.

And somewhat of a long standing cliché (tortured artist, Vincent van Gogh, etc)

While taking many forms, creativity can more often be less a storm or hurricane and more a tide ebbing to reveal: first an outline and then the creative structure … as though mermaids gathered and started to create something out of sand and seaweed.

Leaving it for an artist or musician to find and bring out onto land and finish.

Other times creative works may feel as though they are a gossamer entity in a field that must be approached with calm and steady footsteps – less the intricate webbing be disrupted and the stained glass butterflies escape too soon.

Creativity is also about external storms as inner cores of musician or artist find a way to remain grounded when the storm circles. After the storm passes, time to open the cellar doors slowly and release butterflies back into the sky with their newly painted wings.

Collaborative creativity is a different situation, much more of an overt, collective conversation in the medium. Improvised conversations in music say, building a collective narrative on stage or in a recording.

True, some performers bring the storm with them for others to contain and tame. A more ying/yang approach producing incredible music, concerts and audience experiences.

However, being in some collaborative situations (where creative tension is deemed the best way to produce a work of any value or acclaim) can be very stressful. Results may be achieved with much in the way of collateral damage – as with any storm.

Storms destroy and leave a path of destruction. Although yes – deconstructionism can be totally cool and create interesting works … there is still a path of destruction and while being one method … is not the only one.

Maybe then, creativity is more of a constant force in everyone, with personality types driving the creative work outcome. Some creators will be hurricanes, others will be open meadow foragers or tidal pool explorers.

Not that the wind is blowing, but what the wind is blowing” ~Ron White, comedian.






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