Gig Review: Ships Have Sailed at IPO


Ships Have Sailed brought their energetic, crowd-oriented show to the International Pop Overthrow 2016 Vancouver series, last Thursday night.

Will Carpenter  and Art Andranikyan played six nights of the West Coast edition of David Bash’s  IPO mini-festivals at the end of August and into September. And that kind of hard touring pays off in terms of stage presence, show presentation and simply becoming solid playing music live.

As a duo playing live, they use backing tracks on most songs… but they don’t really need them. They have sound and presence well covered and can carry a show between the two of them. The backing tracks seem to be something of a necessity these days to bring a full album sound on tour, at a mere fraction of the cost for a full touring band.

You can find their music here and discover their more theatrical pop-oriented music also delves into anthem-ready material that is set to burst out of radios and stadiums everywhere.

Ships Have Sailed know the hard work that lies ahead of them but possess the determination, creativity and openness that will serve them well on the miles ahead.


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