Gig Review: Jody Quine at IPO 2016


Jody Quine continues to pursue songwriting and performing while developing an inclusive sense of community in everything she does, among everyone she sings for.

As a writer honing her song craft with embroidered humanity, Jody continues to delve deeper into the narrative that makes a song better. From her own life and experiences, lyrics push personal revelations into the open for all to see – and for this we are all the better.

As a performer at International Pop Overthrow Festival, Jody brings her fresh, direct honest on stage. Song introductions become humorous, intimate, revealing – and thoroughly entertaining. Jody connects with audiences – it’s one of her strengths.

As she switches between accompanying herself on guitar and piano, she openly unravels herself from first innocent introductions to candid, self-deprecating confessions that instantly endear Jody and her songs.

She truly deserves the many accolades received over the last few years, and definitely remains a singer-songwriter to pay attention to as she continues along her own path.

A unique voice with interesting observations on her own condition, and thus ours too.

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