Gig Review: Pill Squad at IPO August 31st


Pill Squad simply launch themselves into action as they take the stage, with zero pretensions, zero give-fucks but full on honest, snotty punk attitude.

Just the thing for the last day of August.

At last Wednesday night’s IPO the band ripped through a tight, truncated version of their usual full set. In a way that sometimes serves punk better – gets to the point and ramps up the energy, leaving audiences clamoring for more, which they did at The Fairview Pub.

Tim Chan  was born with a guitar in his hands and slings his six string shooters without ever casting an eye to the neck, making the riffs seem effortlessly energized. Standing in one spot is simply not going to happen and Tim utilizes every square inch of stage available to frame Pill Squad songs  with feisty punk presence.

Ed Hurrell likewise slings his street-battered bass around the other end of the stage, cracking wise with band and audience alike. Bass in the hands of such a happy jester can sometimes turn out badly, but this is not the case here. Ed pummels bass lines into punchy, rocking grooves long before the bass has a chance to  even think about getting jazzy.

Scott Beadle propels the band relentlessly as someone that lives and breathes punk drumming. Live music is always about the people on stage, not just the music in the air. It it is therefore Scott’s happy-go-lucky, all-in attitude that fills the stage, fuels the beats and breaks – and broadcasts humanity beautifully. Keith Moon himself would have been proud of Scott’s complete commitment to rattling around the drum kit and driving the band.

Speaking of feisty, Tracy Brooks brashly belts out Pill Squad punk songs with credible force and conviction. Somewhere along the way, Tracy has lived at least some or all of these lyrics. Band banter always sets a tone and in that regard, Tracy’s banter with Ed, Scott and Tim ensures the playfully edgy tone keeps things moving right along.

Together, Pill Squad entertain and entice feet and butts onto the dance floor where fist pumping into the air is something you want to do, smiling all the way.

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