Gig Review: D Trevlon at IPO


Night two of the International Pop Overthrow Festival began with the compelling song craft of D Trevlon, a gifted singer/songwriter performing solo last Thursday night at The Fairview Pub.

His fully produced recordings convey a transcendent time, place and haunting mood.

Luckily for those in attendance for the stripped down solo set, Trevlon was able to simply make that mood more intimate, more haunting. His voice carries so much life and living.

His singing narrative and solid solo presence also transfixed the crowd, allowing lyrics to fill each corner of the room. There is that sense of his songs being lived in, being genuinely based on past and present life-events.

The best of both worlds would be to have a gig where he sings some songs solo and some songs with a full band – to expand the mood and accentuate the unique story telling.

Give his Man of Investigation album a listen, then go see him perform live.

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