Gig Review: The Ford Pier Vengeance Trio

Saturday, August 28th at Lanalou’s

Power Trios forge a tough and unforgiving path every time they play live.

There is no safety net. There is no fourth member adding tonal color or texture from guitar or keyboards. There is no lead singer emoting and being the visual focal point.

In a Power Trio, each member has to be entertaining and deliver both music and stage presence. And that is exactly what all three musicians do in The Ford Pier Vengeance Trio.


Drummer Bradford Lambert is the definitive rumbling, thunderous powerhouse driving the band and not letting up for even a split second. His no-compromise and no-nonsense approach ensures every beat counts both in terms of sound and in terms of keeping the attention on the band. No prisoners are taken or spared.

Bass can hang back and groove, or in Eric Napier’s hands the bass becomes all lightning and stormy growls under the guitar and vocals. Equally propelling and driving, bass has to be 100% committed within the Power Trio format, or it just doesn’t work. Luckily for audiences, Eric is far more committed than a mere 100%.

Ford Pier himself is a man of many artistic talents & pursuits – the bulk of which he puts aside to let it all rip on guitar and vocals. Gibson humbucking guitar into a roaring tube amp is usually the most effective, most direct and dynamic way to push a three-piece rock band.

Emotional intensity has no bounds when Ford refuses to be restrained in any way. This makes for a joyous and raucous sound, existentialism existing with all its emotional might.

Together they deliver what three-piece Power Trios do best: rock’n’roll. And when you are in the mood to let your ya-ya’s all out, check and see where and when The Ford Pier Vengeance Trio are playing in your area.

Go for the ride.


2 thoughts on “Gig Review: The Ford Pier Vengeance Trio

  1. Great blog. It’s good to see local bands and events getting the attention they deserve and your writing is top notch.

    Where could I contact you to let you know about a bands album release gig?


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