Gig Review: Shitlord Fuckerman

Friday, August 26th at Seven Lounge

Preface: the late 1960’s through the late ’70s was a golden age of Art Rock. Those not around to witness legendary shows may not quite understand what all the fuss was about.

Sometimes somewhat less melodic than say, Progressive Rock, Art Rock was not so much concerned with entertaining as it was with shaking things up and sometimes delivering a message.

Often times the visual message and delivery overwhelmed the music but making an artistic statement was central. Often times that turned out to be very entertaining.

Art Rock reached a zenith with DEVO as they made a name for themselves first in live shows and later on via innovative forays into music videos.

As the ’80s progressed and MTV/Much Music expanded, music videos adopted Art Rock visuals but then became much more commercial – basically turning into Commercials for bands, singers, records and tours. Mainstream Art Rock fell by the wayside. 

Which brings us to shitlord fuckerman, summoning the better parts of Art Rock ‘s live music form.


Calling on total commitment and bravery, shitlord took the stage at Seven Lounge on Broadway Friday night and delivered a fantastic, all-in tour-de-force Music Experience.

Songs and sounds  are only one aspect of making live Art Rock music. Putting on a show is essential. And there is where shitlord fuckerman excels.

Words ultimately fail where art and Art Rock are concerned. See for yourself.

Those looking for this kind of “indescribable experience,” both visceral and thought provoking, need to keep tabs on shitlord‘s next appearance.

Well worth attending as she takes avant-garde into new territory.

I shit you not.

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